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The Acceptance of Mystical Human Powers and Occurrences


Based on a fake surrealist campaign pushing out propaganda for the acceptance of mystical human powers and occurrences, this project will allow the viewer to experiment with the juxtaposition of sound and image and it’s various effects on the psyche.

The page will begin with a manifesto containing directions for the experiment followed by a slideshow of GIFS that will be presented like a short film.

I’d love to be able to use a music player on the page that allows you choose from list of tracks. If this isn’t possible it could still be interesting if you had to play the music from youtube links or a separate page.

The experiment will be to see how different sounds change the feelings and impact of the “film”.



Promo is one of then most important parts of the project and I’d like to release a series of moving propaganda posters before the page is up. 

The posters will also be incorporated into the slideshow “film”.



The content will be a combination of footage that I’ll shoot of dancers against a green screen, animations that I will create and archival/stock footage.


Moving Poster Themes-

  • Beware of your powers being taken away

  • Feeling a presence in the room

  • Deja-vu

  • Sleep paralysis

  • Mothers displaying super strength

  • NSFW (not suitable for women)

  • Lunar cycles and female biology

  • Levitation


Additional GIF montages for Slideshow film-

  • The ever fluctuating relentless indifference of nature

  • Grotesque beauty

  • Subliminal messages

  • Astral projection

  • The power of ritual

  • Birth

  • Sex

  • Crying

  • Flowers dying

  • People fighting

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